IDE Screen Font

Hello, is there any way to change the screen font on the IDE running on Windows 10. I have a hard time reading the screen as the font is so small.
Many thanks,
Ian Blair

hi, can use zoom-in, but if you use a very small screen it is difficult to make large patches, should move and not have full view.

Yes that’s true. But what about the menus such as the Project Browser. That’s a really small font.

You could use screen configuration, scale and design, from 100% to 125%
maybe that helps

OK now I see it. I have to toggle Developer Tools. Hiding in plain sight.

Like you can do it in the browser, use Ctrl+Shift+= to zoom in the whole interface, Ctrl+Shift+- to zoom out, and Ctrl+0 to set the default zoom level. Hope this helps.

Thanks that’s just what I needed.