[I want a node] Sleep_mode_standby


A short description of the node as it should be seen in the docs


-Two inputs PULSE and BOOLEAN - in order to exit the STANDBY mode

  • 1 IN PULSE SLP channel - To put into STANDBY mode


  • OUT (number) — the description

  • 1 OUT BOOLEAN, FALSE if the board is active. TRUTH when the board is sleeping.

Hello friends! I need a knot to put my NANO board into STANDBY mode. The existing nkrkv / avr-sleep @ 1.0.0 library does not suit me. Since I want to wake up the board from the remote control or a tactile button to choose from. I need STANDBY mode to save the board, it will work from a 220V network and energy saving is not important. An approximate diagram of the node in the picture.Standby

I will gladly accept your suggestions for changing the nodes for wider use.

I think it would not be bad if there was a library with all sleep modes.
Everyone could use what suits him.

Answer, at least someone. Should I wait for this library or need to look for other solutions? Tell me, is it possible to change the code and how to do it in the avr-sleep node to get SLEEP_MODE_STANDBY?

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