Trying to get Fast-PWM to work on a Leonardo!?
Is it only for Uno? Tips?

C:\Users\KYLTON~1.MED\AppData\Local\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbooknRMBtu\xod_1603636495269_sketch\xod_1603636495269_sketch.ino:1225:17: note: suggested alternative: ‘fwrite’
pwmWrite(port, duty);

Error during build: exit status 1
Compilation failed
Command Process exited with code 1
The generated C++ code contains errors. It can be due to a bad node implementation or if your board is not compatible with XOD runtime code. The original compiler error message is above. Fix C++ errors to continue. If you believe it is a bug, report the problem to XOD developers.

I was a stupid beginner that was all.
However, I would like a boolean out instead of port, Help!

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