How to put a number delay timer in a loop

Hi guys trying to set up two motors to run for a given time example Run motor number 1 for 5 seconds stop for 5 seconds then motor number 2 run for 5 seconds which I have done but does anybody how to put in into a loop to keep going back to motor 1. I start program with an input pulse and link the done Terminal of delay timer to the set T of delay timer 2 and repeat for timer 3. this work fine but I can not work how to connect number 3 timer back to number 1 timer to keep the loop running

You have to use a defer node.

Thank you mci-ryan I will try again I am sure I have had it working once with a defer node . I think I put the defer after the (done ) connection on timer number 3 and then connected back to timer 1 to start the loop again

That is correct. You will probably need an any node to start timer 1 since you start it on boot & after looping back from timer 3.

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