HELP! Rotary Encoder step to servo

Hi! I want to connect a cheap rotary encoder (20 pulse in 360°) to a servo motor to use as follow focus in video shooting.
Basically since there is only 20 pulse in my rotary encoder I want to manage the rotation of the servo as precise as possible. So for example with 1 pulse I would that the servo will turn of 1 degree or less. Is possible? I’m not very able with XOD code I’m starting with this kind of programming world, so if some one can help me with a screenshot of a built work will be very appreciated

Hello! There’s no encoder node built-in. However, it was discussed before. You can try and check whether it works for your encoder.

Mixing the encoder node with the servo node possibly with count along the path should do the trick.

could you provide me the program or the scheme? I’m new on XOD

the OPC should give me +1 or -1 step, but connected to the servo does not work…how I have to modify ?