Hc-sr04 problem

how can i show hc-sr04 outs in lcd??

this nos working.

I don’t see anything obviously wrong just from the picture. What does LCD display? If it doesn’t even display concat-HEAD, there is something wrong with it or how it is configured.

Note that range-finder code will NOT update the value if there is something too close or too far in front of the range-finder. Place something 20-30 cm in front of range-finder for testing.

Double-check all connections and pin numbers for range-finder & LCD.


I’m not sure if this would be the same for your project but I had an issue with the range sensor not working because the voltage supplied was low. @nkrkv and @gweimer were able to help me fix it by adding an extra battery to my power supply. I was surprised that voltages around 4.2-4.5 would make it not work but that is what happened for me.

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the was a jumper, its was broken. :/. f :postal_horn: cking jumper. thanks by your answer.

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