Feeding data to different servers

I am using a nodemcu connected to wifi with a DHT22 sensor. It works great and I can see the sensor’s data in my feeds.
Is there a way to export a JSON and send it to a differnt server using XOD?
I would like to use this data on a site I will build.


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Hello, @barrodoy
You can send it directly to your web server.
To pack it into the JSON format you can use record type and then the to-json node.

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Also, you can check out how the feed nodes get the data from the XOD Cloud, and send requests to the XOD Cloud Feeds directly from your website :wink:

In a few words:
GET https://api.xod.io/iot/value/{username}/{topic}
with a header Autorization: Bearer <token>, where <token> is an API token, which you have created in the XOD IDE to send/receive the data to/from XOD Cloud feeds. :wink:

Thanks.I try to connect to a local server I set up but to no avail. No problem connecting to XOD cloud thoguh.
Also I trie to send request my XOD API adress but to no avail. Any ideas of how should I use the XOD cloud adress with the token?

I am trying to send an HTTP GET request to xod api server but to no avail. Any ideas how to correctly do it?

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