Error in UART communication between Uno & Nano

no worries about the “delay()” :wink:
I didn’t want to push you, was just curious and can totally understand that you concentrated on 0.24.

xod will try now in new version


Ok, so the first script is for Arduino to send bytes. Not sure what the second script is for?

Now for a simple XOD patch to check if anything is received. Just set the read-bytes patch to poll continuously.

You should be seeing 4Ch and 48h alternately in the watcher. You will also need to modify the soft-uart patch and swap the tx and rx arguments passed to _serial. I mentioned that in a previous post.

For anyone who’s interested in the UART topic, please note: UART communication guide — review required

Received new Nano, will now test

nothing good…
will try to follow guide

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