Dimmer Node on XOD

Hi guys, what is the node that allows you to control the dimmer on XOD?
Thank you very much !

I think you want PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). There is pwm-write & pwm-load. The led node is built on these.

no I need the dimmer to control the intensity of the light of a lamp

If you are talking about a lamp plugged into a wall outlet, you are going to need additional hardware for that. How to control it will depend on the hardware used. For example, one option would be to connect a servo to control a standard dimmer switch. A search for “Arduino AC dimmer” will provide a variety of solid-state solutions; most will probably be controlled via PWM and can be driven using led node in XOD.

I made this library a long time ago but it is for a PSM module I don’t know if it can be used for another module.

Library Dimmer PSM for Modulo RobotDyn

Very useful! but just one question, how they work? What if I want to control the intensity of the lamp’s light from a pot?

In the latest version there is an example, the number 1 … POT in A0

which one you mean ?

1 - did you install the library?
2- find examples in the first patches of it?

yes I installed it, and it works ! sorry , my mistake! Just another question , if I need to control the intensity of the light with a distance sensor, what am I supposed to do ?

What type of sensor do you want to use, HC-SR04? there are nodes in xod for those

use invert “map”, example
min distance - max distance / 100-0

hello , please i have a question ,
How can I make the dimmer turn on for a specific time ?
I have been trying to use delay but I couldn’t make it.
can you help please?

Delay is probably the correct answer. How are you trying to use it?