Df player mini in XOD

I want to make a mini fire alarm.
How to use “df player mini” in XOD?

Hi, polegoshko1!

Are you talking about the MP3 player from DF ROBOT?

Unfortunately, by now there is no Xod supported node for this hardware. Also, I didn’t find any implementation in our community’s user libraries.

Perhaps you will be lucky with the XOD forum community and someone will make this node for you, or share the experience. On the other hand, you can try yourself in C++ coding and make this node yourself using third-party Arduino libraries.


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It is not fully finished yet. But main function is running.
Play, Pause, Next, Prev, Track, Equalizer.
Good luck with your project :slight_smile:


Спасибо за помощь!
Надеюсь, в будущем я всё-таки выучу C++ и поделюсь нодом с другими пользователями😁

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