Compare Strings

I am needing a way to compare two strings and output a boolean if they are the same. I’ve looked through several times and just don’t see a way to do so. Is there a node I’m missing or perhaps a combination of nodes I just haven’t thought of?

Ask awgrover. I think he has something like that
in his github directory.

Made a node for you:

Install the nkrkv/my-utils lib and use it directly, or steal its implementation, it is quite simple:

struct State {


void evaluate(Context ctx) {
    auto s1 = getValue<input_IN1>(ctx);
    auto s2 = getValue<input_IN2>(ctx);
    auto it1 = s1.iterate();
    auto it2 = s2.iterate();
    while (it1 && it2 && *it1 == *it2) {

    bool comparisonPastTheEnd = !it1 && !it2;
    emitValue<output_OUT>(ctx, comparisonPastTheEnd);
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Awesome, Thanks a lot :smiley: