Combining two values

I got again a thing that I couldnt get to work:

I have to inputs that send somehow values - a slider via bluetooth and a button which triggers a sinewave
these two inputs should be merged to one output servo node

I dont wanna use both input values at the same time so I was thinking of a if-else that actos kind of a switch

I am receiving and got the values all right mapped - they both also work independently - but when I try to connect them together the end result is just a jittery servo that cant be controlled

any ideas ?

Sounds like the servo is switching between the two values. Does you protect just have a single servo node? If you have multiple nodes controlling the same servo it will not work unless you use a servo node with enable pin so that only one is active at a time. For your project, you should probably only have one servo node that uses an if-else or select to feed the correct value into it.

yeah started at first also with 2 servo nodes - that is a no go what I see
I am currenty trying to get it work with one servo node and a if else to switch between the two inputs - but no luck so far :wink:

This should do the trick :thinking: Would you share the xodball causing the problem?

sorry that I didnt reply - yeah it did work like you said with an if-else acting as a “switch” and at the same time enabling the servo only when it receives values.
My problem was - got the same Pin as the servo accidently mapped twice in the design - therefor it jittered alsways between theses values
thanks for you great help !

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