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Extra info: I know people are working on this basing it on PubSubClient Library but figured it worthy of a strong mention as this would bring XOD full swing into the IOT world.


Hi anthony420
Sorry for the delay i do have a fix for the MQTT Lib bradzilla84/pubsub-mqtt but i have been busy with a rather large library i am working on.
It should be finished soon and i will push an update for MQTT.


Thanks so much for the reply. We appreciate the work you are doing and I’m certain a functioning MQTT Node set will bring XOD to the next level for so many users. I can’t say enough for the people like yourself who volunteer their time to help a common cause like this.


Sorry for the Delay, Complete rewrite was needed the Library has been updated and tested (ESP8266).
See the example but it is fairly straightforward. there is no loop buffer in place at the moment so go easy on the Subscribe node (keep it under 10 Messages a second).
I will implement a buffer Qos and Retain later.
I have not done extensive testing yet please let me know if you have any problems.
I have tested with Node-Red and the potential looks very promising.