GY-BMP280 Temperature humidity and pressure senzor

hi guys, does anyone know if this can be connected via xod and which one to use? thank you!


I almost wrote this node. But at first it turned out to be so heavy that it did not fit into the firmware (more than 32kb due to the fact that there were a lot of helpers and the coefficients were also calculated by the nodes), and in the second version some kind of error crept in when calculating the pressure from the calibration coefficients. From the behavior it is clear that such evidence should not be. I hope that over the weekend I will finish it all the same.

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Try to use dinosalvioni/hwlibrary this has the node for BMx280 sensor and works fine in the latest version of XOD.

Please thank @dinosalvioni for their work creating the library.

I struggled for a while to figure this out but when you have the node in your sketch you have to open it up all the way to the C++ script bit and change the #include BMx280xx.h to the matching sensor you are using like the I2C.h option.