I am new to XOD. I have found out that you can make your own nodes, but I need nodes to make a new one and I can find anything for BLE: only one for Blynk and another one for a robot or something. What i’m trying to do is, program an ESP32 so it connects to some BLE services from my iPhone (ANCS) and then it will take the data from this service and display it on a display.

I have no idea how to make this node with code or anything, I’ve tried pretty much every visual programmer on the web, even the badly made and dodgy ones.

I can imagine this node would be so so useful for the community so let this be an idea for anyone who is a lot more proficient in programming but please give me ideas or suggestions on how I can make this node because I would like to give it a try.

If you want more information about what I’m looking for just comment and I’ll explain fully so you can understand my specific use case.

Thank you so much

order of operations:

Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone causing ANCS to initiate but hidden > ESP32 will search for the UUID of the services required > once found, ESP32 will connect to these services/characteristics > ESP32 will wait for incoming data from the iPhone > When data is received, ESP32 will do whatever it needs to with the data like converting or removing parts of the data > Once the data is ready to be sent to a display the ESP32 will go ahead and write the text to a display.

Through this long list of actions I am looking for we can determine a list of more simple actions for the node to be made more universal. Scan > Connect > Wait for data > Output data so processing nodes can be connected.

I think I’ll need to make more than one, one node to scan for servers (my iPhone), another to connect and another to handle incoming/outgoing data

Thanks for the help everyone… useless community this is

That is pretty harsh. If you spend any time reading through other posts, you will see there are several people willing to help any way they can. There is not a whole lot we can do to help for processes we know nothing about for using hardware we don’t have. Especially when none of us is getting paid for doing any of this.

I too have been frustrated with lack of feedback on my questions about wrappers for existing libraries… But I’m willing to accept that I am on my own if I branch out into areas nobody else is working in. That is just a fact, not anyone’s fault.


:joy: nice one nagup. I doubt you’ll get any help now with comments like that. I can say the community helps all the time and some requests have been answered quickly and some not for me too but I know for most this is only a hobby. As @gweimer said above no one gets paid for this either. Good luck getting help now.

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I still have not received my payment :thinking:


No ESP32 thing is supported in XOD currently. Also, watch your attitude.